Fair Valley wins GDSA Championship

Staff report

CENTERVILLE — The Fair Valley Fins attended the Greater Dayton Swimming Association championship meet on July 15 where they defended their title as GDSA league champions. Fair Valley scored 454 points, followed by second place Woodhaven who scored 355 points. The meet was held at Woodhaven Swim and Tennis Club in Centerville.

In the 6 & under age group, Alexa Moeller placed second in the 42 ft free. Riley Burkett placed fifth in the 42 ft free and sixth in the 25 free. Stephanie Trimbach placed fourth in the 25 backstroke. Jesse Wilkson placed sixth in the 42 ft free and sixth in the 25 free.

In the 7-8 age group, the girls medley relay of Melayah Burton, Alexis Helrigle, Zoe Wilkson, and Marin Marlow came in fourth. The boys medley relay of Isaac Dadey, Gabe Reno, Brodie Schlagetter, and Austin Kuhns can in first. In the breaststroke, Gabe Reno finished first and Jack Walton finished fifth. Brodie Schlagetter placed second in butterfly and second in freestyle. Zoe Wilkson placed second in freestyle and first in backstroke. Lauren McBride finished 5h in freestyle. Gabe Reno placed second in backstroke. The girls free relay of M. Marlow, A. Helrigle, L. McBride, and Z. Wilkson finished second.

In the 9-10 age group, the boys medley relay of Jake Wilkson, Mason Crews, AJ Tipple, and Dayne Schlagetter finished first. Fair Valley came in first and second in the IM with Jake Wilkson and Dayne Schlagetter. Mason Crews finished first in the breaststroke and first freestyle. Rylan Dadey came in third in breaststroke. In butterfly Reese Thomas placed fifth, Jake Wilkson placed first, and AJ Tipple placed fifth. Reese Thomas placed fourth in freestyle and fourth in backstroke. In backstroke, Dayne Schlagetter finished second and AJ Tipple sixth. The girls free relay consisting of Megan Kellar, Maya Kuhns, Natalie Trimbach, and Reese Thomas finished sixth. The boys free relay of Dayne Schlagetter , Jacob Fernandez, Jake Wilkson, and Mason Crews finished first.

In the 11-12 age group, the boys medley relay of Caleb Reno, Matt LaBianco, Brock Nixon, and Nolan Baker placed second. Alex Voisard placed second in the IM, 2st in the breaststroke, and fourth in the butterfly. Brock Nixon placed second in the IM and second in the butterfly. Matt LaBianco finished third in the breaststroke and fifth in the freestyle. Caleb Reno finished sixth in the breaststroke and fifth in the backstroke. The girls freestyle relay consisting of Kiersten McBride, Olivia Helrigle, Keagan Knue, and Alex Voisard came in fifth. The boys freestyle relay of C. Reno, N. Baker, M. LaBianco, and B. Nixon finished second.

In the 13-14 age group, the girls medley relay of Stella Haws, Lauren Crews, Morgan Fernandez, and Katie Skrovan finished first. The boys medley relay of Mason Wilkson, Nathan Burton, Matt Brunsky, and Riley Brady also finished first. Lauren Crews came in second in the IM and first in breaststroke. Stella Haws finished sixth in breaststroke. Nathan Burton placed fourth in breaststroke. Morgan Fernandez finished second in butterfly and second in backstroke. Katie Skrovan placed fifth in butterfly and first in freestyle. Brooke Baker came in fifth in freestyle. Matt Brunsky finished first in both butterfly and freestyle. Mason Wilkson came in first in the IM and backstroke. Riley Brady placed third in backstroke. The girls free relay of L. Crews, B. Baker, M. Fernandez, and K. Skrovan finished first. The boys relay consisting of M. Wilkson, N. Burton, R. Brady, and M. Brunsky also finished first.

In the 15-18 age group, the girls medley relay of Abbey Burton, Sophie Haws, Jillian McDowell, and Ashley placed third. The boys medley relay of Jeff LaBianco, Dalton James, Sam LaVielle, and Jacob Staley finished second. Isabel Valdespino came in fifth in the IM. Sophie Haws came in sixth in the breaststroke. Jillian McDowell placed fifth in the butterfly and sixth in freestyle. Jacob Staley placed second in the breaststroke and third in the freestyle. Dalton James finished fifth in the breaststroke. Josh Crews placed third in the IM, second in backstroke, and tied for first in the butterfly. Sam LaVielle came in fifth in the IM, fourth in butterfly, and second in the freestyle. Jeff LaBianco placed third in the backstroke. Abbey Burton finished first in the freestyle and first in backstroke. The girls free relay of A. Burton, S. Haws, A. Brady, and J. McDowell finished second and the boys free relay of Jeff LaBianco, Ryan Conley, Josh Crews, and Jacob Staley finished first.

Three Fair Valley records were broken during Championships. Mason Wilkson broke the 13-14 boys 100 IM record previously set by Sam LaVielle in 2014 with a time of 1:10.87. Mason also broke the 13-14 boys 50 backstroke record set in 1980 by J. Abel with a time of 31.44. Abbey Burton broke the girls 15-18 50 freestyle record set by M.B. Price in 1976 with a time of 28.78.

Congratulations to all the swimmers at Fair Valley on the completion of an undefeated season and on bringing home the championship title two years in a row! The Fair Valley Fins were led by Head Coach Jolene Short and Assistant Coaches Kenny Stiles, Reilly Harrington, Kyle Woodruff, Kirstyn Nyegard, and Molly Hetzer.


Staff report