Aviator bowling update

Staff report

Aviators ninth at Raider Collegiate Challenge

BEAVERCREEK — The Butler girls place ninth, narrowly missed the cut at the Wright State Raider Collegiate Challenge on Saturday, Dec. 17. Scoring was at a premium as the name of the tournament said it all as a challenging sport shot was laid down for tournament competition.

Jessica Sacks was high for the Butler girls with a 380 (191-189) set (10th individually), followed by Becca Helke with a 318 (152-166) set (36th) and Lauren Davis with a 304 (151-153) set (48th).

The boys day was a little tougher as they finished 18th out of 28 teams. Drew Sacks narrowly missed making All-Tournament team, finishing in sixth place with a 462 (247-215) set. Nick Hughes was next for Butler with a 356 (178-178) set (58th). Both teams are back in action on Thursday, Dec. 22 versus Trotwood at Capri Lanes.

Butler sweeps Stebbins

RIVERSIDE — All four Butler Bowling teams were victorious at Stebbins. The varsity girls defeated Stebbins 2083-1878. Jessica Sacks was match medalist with a 403 (200-203) set, followed closely by Lauren Davis with a 398 (207-191) set. Becca Helke added a 352 (160-192) set and Stephanie Crider a 334 (181-153) set. The girls move to 2-1 (1-1 in the GWOC American – North) on the season.

The varsity boys defeated Stebbins in a come from behind 2307-2218 win. The Boys were down 20 going into the final two-team baker games, and outscored the Indians 456 (244-212) to 347 to earn the victory.

Drew Sacks was high for Butler with a 407 (205-202) set, followed by Noah Detrick with a 372 (204-168) set and Austen Brush with a 353 (191-162) set. Brandon Warner added a 193 game and Jordan Tompkins a 186 game. The boys move to 3-0 (2-0 in the GWOC American – North) on the season.

The JV girls defeated Stebbins 1297-1236. Alissa Spiles 302 (168-134) and Taylor Newman 267 (121-146) were high for Butler. The JV girls move to 2-0 on the season.

The JV boys won 1925-1352. Will Yeary was high for Butler with a 361 (224-137) set. Other high games for the Boys were Jared Murray – 186; Aaron Seelbaugh – 176; Ben French – 168 and Jackson Losey – 159. JV boys are 2-0 on the season.

Aviators split with Fairborn

FAIRBORN — The Butler Girls and Boys Bowling teams began the GWOC American League North season with a match at Fairborn. The Varsity Boys came away with a 2294-2171 victory.

Nick Hughes was match medalist with a 464 (244-220) set, with Andrew Kapis next with a 401 (223-178) set. Austen Brush and Jordan Tompkins added 206 and 205 games respectively.

The varsity girls didn’t fare as well, losing to Lady Skyhawks 2161-2070. Jessica Sacks was high for the Lady Aviators with a 434 (244-190) set, followed by a 363 (141-222) set from Becca Helke, a 314 (161-153) set from Alex Kapis, a 311 (154-157) set from Amanda Jackson and a 174 game from Lauren Davis.

The JV Girls also saw their first action of the season and were victorious, 1435-1365. Alexis Brown was high with a 308 (136-172) set, followed by Alissa Spieles with a 285 (116-169) set. Emily Gabert added a 137 game in the win.

The varsity boys are now 2-0 (1-0) in the GWOC American North, the varsity girls are 1-1 (0-1) in the GWOC American North.

Staff report