Madison Peyton is October Lady Aviator of the Month

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Madison Peyton

Madison Peyton

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VANDALIA — What started as a way to be like her grandfather has developed into a “love and passion” for the game of tennis for Butler High School senior Madison Peyton.

“My grandpa took me out when I was around five years old and started hitting with me. I instantly fell in love with the sport,” Peyton said.

Now 12 years later, Peyton is first singles on the GWOC-leading Aviators’ girls’ tennis team.

“Madison has been playing first singles for three years. She sees tough competition day in and day out. She is able to have a good attitude whether she wins or loses,” Coach Amanda Paul said.

Paul says it is Peyton’s attitude and consistency that make her a leader on the team.

“She helps raise up the level of other teammates’ play by providing tough competition for them. She also shows great team spirit and is always cheering for her teammates,” Paul said.

Peyton sees herself as a leader on the team, knowing her teammates do look to her for support.

“I’m good at always pumping up my team before a game. The team is like a whole bunch of little sisters to me,” Peyton said.

As the Butler senior winds up her high school tennis career, she’s already looking forward to how tennis will fit in her future.

“I would love to coach a team and help all of the girls improve. Also, I’d like to watch them as they all grow together,” Peyton said.

Madison Peyton Peyton Contributed photo

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