Fair Valley sweeps Sherwood Forest, Oak Creek

DAYTON – On Wednesday July 1, the Fins of Fair Valley Swim Team scored another major victory by defeating both Sherwood Forest and Oak Creek swim clubs at Sherwood Forest.

First place finishers were Gabi Holop (25m Free), Jordan Stanforth (25m Back), both the girls 7-8 100m Medley Relay (Megan Keller, Natalie Trimbach, Brooke Stueve & Reese Thomas) and Freestyle Relay (Keller, Stueve, Thomas, Holop), the boys 7-0 100m Freestyle Relay (Cooper Trimbach, Paxton Dwenger, A.J. Tipple, Jacob Fernandez), Alexis Voisard (Girls 100m IM & 25m Breaststroke), both 9-10 boys 100m Medley and Freestyle Relays both consisting of Nolan Baker, Matt LaBianco, Garrett Sass, & Drake Rinesmith, 11-12 girls Medley Relay (Addison Godsey, Chloe Stanforth,

Katie Skrovan, & Stella Haws) and Freestyle Relay (Delia Jeahnen, Gracie Kincer, Morgan Fernandez, & Skrovan), Skrovan with 11-12 girls 25m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle, 11-12 boys 50m Freestyle Matt Brunsky, 13-14 girls Abbey Burton 100m IM, 13-14 boys Medley and Freestyle Relays both consisting of Zach Luttrell, Garrett Pearce, Jeff LaBianco, & Joel Keller, 15-18 Boys Medley Relay (Sam LaVielle, Sean Luttrell, Ian Barrett, & Austin Pearce) and Freestyle Relay (LaVielle, Barrett, Pearce, & Daveed Abrams), LaVielle wins 100m IM & 50m Butterfly, Pearce wins 50m Freestyle & 50m Backstroke.

Second place finishers were Malaya Burton (42 ft Free), Holop (25m Back), Isaac Dadey (42 ft Free), Natalie Trimbach (7-8 girls Breaststroke), Stueve (7-8 girls Butterfly), Thomas (7-8 girls Freestyle), Tipple (7-8 boys Backstroke), Voisard (Butterfly), Sass (9-10 boys Breaststroke), Nolan Baker (9-10 boys Backstroke), Boys 9-10 Freestyle Relay (Jackson Fraisure, Brady Kuhns, Casey Clark, & Rylan Dadey), Chloe Stanforth (11-12 girls IM) Brooklyn Baker (11-12 girls Backstroke), Boys 11-12 Medley Relay (Logan Downey, Nathan Burton, Riley Brady, & Matt Brunsky) and

Freestyle Relay (Downey, Brady, Brunsky, & Lozan), Downey (11-12 boys Breaststroke), Brady (11-12 boys Butterly), Brunsky (11-12 boys Backstroke), girls 13-14 Freestyle Relay (Abbey Burton, Erin Dean, Sophie Haws, & Mia Heidenreich), Jeff LaBianco (13-14 boys IM & Butterfly), 15-18 Girls Medley Relay (Elaine Dean, Remy Stanforth, Molly Hetzer, & Reilly Harrington), Stanforth (15-18 girls Backstroke), Sean Luttrell (15-18 boys Breaststroke), boys 15-18 Freestyle Relay (Nick Luttrell, Jake Bowers, Matt Keaty, & Brenden Shanahan)

Third place finishers were Burton (6 & under girls freestyle), Dadey (6 & under boys freestyle), Keller (7-8 girls backstroke), girls 7-8 Freestyle Relay (Burton, Trimbach, Downey, Kuhns), A.J. Tipple (7-8 boys Butterfly), Olivia Helrigle (9–10 girls Freestyle), Rinesmith (9-10 boys IM & Free), Fraisure (9-10 boys Backstroke), 11-12 girls Medley Relay (A. Trimbach, L. Stueve, D. Jeahnen, & B. Baker), Godsey (11-12 girls Breaststroke), Kincer (11-12 girls Backstroke), Lozan (11-12 boys Backstroke), Haws (13-14 girls Breaststroke), 13-14 girls Freestyle Relay (Downey, Stanfortj, Zeller, & Brady), Z. Luttrell (13-14 boys Freestyle), Hetzer (15-18 girls IM), Harrington (15-18 girls Free & Back), 15-18 boys Freestyle Relay (Shanahan, Keaty, Biller, & Abrams), Bowers (15-18 boys Freestyle).

The Fins will compete early next week in the Greater Dayton Swimming Association Semi-Finals in hopes of qualifying for GDSA Finals next Saturday. Fair Valley is looking to continue their successful legacy. Fair Valley is located on Brantford Road. The Fins are coached by Kim Kurtz, Andy Woodruff, Taylor Sarsgard, Bethany Ward, and Kyle Woodruff.