Shelby Moses—female athlete of the month

Staff report

Shelby Moses (center) defends against a teammate.

Shelby Moses (center) defends against a teammate.

VANDALIA — Girls’ varsity basketball coach Molly Bardonaro says senior Shelby Moses is “always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave the gym.” That makes sense when you hear Moses talk about her sport.

“I love everything about basketball. I love the teamwork, the fast pace of the game and the hustle of the players. It’s never boring,” Moses said.

Moses’ love of the game certainly shows in her play. Last year, she led the team in points per game with 10 and was named first Team All GWOC North.

“Her specialty is her shooting range and ball handling skills, two areas she has worked very hard at. She is a key player for our team, players look to her to guide them to victory,” Bardonaro said.

Moses plans to do just that, setting her sights on a “good season” on and off the court.

“I will cheer on others and try to push my teammates to their full potential. I’m excited to create new strong bonds with the new members of the team. All the players this year are fun and hard working. I’m looking forward to a good season and good relationships with my fellow teammates,” Moses said.

Bardonaro is also looking forward to the season.

“Shelby is a wonderful player to have on our team. I hope she has a big senior basketball year, and she will surely be hard to replace,” Bardonaro said.

Shelby Moses (center) defends against a teammate. Moses (center) defends against a teammate.

Staff report