Writers support school levy

As two now retired Vandalia residents with forty-seven years of living in this community, we are encouraging our fellow citizens to support the upcoming Vandalia-Butler school levy renewal with a “yes” vote on November 7th. It is disruptive to come before the voters every few years in order to assure proper funding. State sources for funding are unlikely to improve in the future. Your positive support will enable our school board and administrators to have more stability in the revenue needed to implement long-term plans developed for our school district.

The levy before us won’t represent any new taxes but it does allow the district to operate with the same funding and carry on with a solid vision for the students in our community. Citizens may stop by the School Board Office (500 S. Dixie Dr.) and pick up the Quality Profile which explains through text and graphs the funding sources for the Vandalia-Butler Schools.

The outstanding reputation of this school district and Vandalia’s proximity to Dayton were two reasons for our decision to return here after military service. Those reasons as well as the recreational facilities developed by city planners certainly continue to beckon young families to settle in our Vandalia-Butler community. We hope the children now enrolled in Vandalia-Butler Schools have the same opportunities that our children had while attending the schools in this district.

Pete and Linda Breidenbach