Writer opposes VBCSD levy

Dear Editor,

This VB Tax Levy can no longer be called a “Renewal”.

The administration and board changed the term from 5 years to “Permanent”, which means Forever.

The sign says “No New Money” … not true.

This levy will collect about $4,470,000.00 of Your Money every year … Forever.

The old levy they are asking voters to renew had a term of Five Years.

There is a ton of New Money this levy will cost taxpayers. After the first 5 years, every $4.47 Million per year is New Money..

I have called on the Board of Education to direct the administration to immediately remove these signs. The one pictured is on the southeast and southwest corner of National and Frederick Road.

All these signs are misrepresenting the terms of the levy to taxpayers and need to be removed.

I am also calling on the Board of Education to direct the administration to issue a public apology for deceiving the taxpayers and to come clean with the factual Terms of this Tax Levy.

It is not a renewal.

It is Permanent

It will cost the Taxpayer more money.

Voters in this district deserve to know the truth about these assaults on their family budgets and homes.

Please stand up for your property rights and protect your family budget.

Yours for better schools,

Benjamin Jones

Butler Township