Writer urges yes vote on levy renewal

Dear Fellow Voters,

My name is Larry Taylor and I am a long time Vandalia resident and local business owner. I am writing this letter asking for your support of the upcoming levy renewal on the ballot on November 7th. My children both graduated from Vandalia-Butler and I was very pleased with the education they received. Our local schools are the very foundation of the quality of life in our community. So goes our schools, so goes our community, property values, low crime rates and our overall quality of life.

Our schools have been very well administrated in the past few years, ie: bringing back extra-curriculars, electives, lowering pay to play etc. They have been able to get parts of the teacher’s salaries back on a competitive ground so we can retain our great educators as opposed to losing them to neighboring districts. I have seen first-hand, the communications between the Superintendent’s office and the rest of the leadership team have been made very accessible to our community. People wanted transparency and they have gotten it in every way. Eric Beavers, our treasurer, continues to find ways to save the district money. We have all been made aware the state continues to cut funding so the treasurer’s quests to find savings is a vital part of the success to the district while still affording our children every opportunity. Mr. Luebbe at the high school and all the other principals have done a tremendous job of promoting school spirit once again. I love the idea of spirit buses that drive the kids in droves to away football games and other events.

At the end of the day, I always ask myself, do our administrators and teachers have their best interest in their heart for our students? I said yes when my kids where in schools and I can honestly answer that question with a resounding yes today as well. On November 7th, go out and Vote YES and support our schools and let’s keep moving this in a positive direction!!


Larry Taylor