Writer supports VBCSD renewal levy

Dear Vandalia-Butler Voters,

As you think about voting for the renewal for the Vandalia-Butler school levy renewal this November, please consider this. If your income was lost or decreased, you would have to make significant changes in your life. This levy, that is already in place today, generates income to the school district. The school is already dealing with funding cuts from the state. The district had to make tough changes a few years back when the funding shortage was paramount. I think sometimes a reminder is needed that the only sources of income for the school district are levies and state funding. If state funds coming in continue to dissipate, this is why it is very important to renew our local school levies. The district continues to exhibit that they are strong financial stewards. They are actively looking for way to save funds for the district while continuing to try and add resources and opportunities for the students.

Since this levy has been in place, classes have been restored that were cut due funding shortages, busing has been increased and pay to play has been reduced among many other things that have been added back. These changes have benefitted V-B students and our community as a whole. You can genuinely feel the sense of pride being re-instilled in our community and around our schools. Our students deserve the right to have more opportunities for academic classes and enriching extra-curricular programs.

Let’s keep the momentum going. Vote YES for the renewal on November 7!

Jackie Martin

Butler Township