Vandalia-Butler Preschool has busy fall

By Lisa Hildebrand - Preschool Supervisor - Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Thank you for all of the congratulatory notes, emails and conversations regarding our recent 5 Star Status from the Ohio Department of Education. We were evaluated in the areas of child development, growth and assessment, professional development, leadership and community involvement. We earned high rankings in all areas! I am so very proud of our staff, students, community and all that we have accomplished since opening the doors of Vandalia Preschool. This year is our sixth year to be housed at Demmitt Elementary and we are stronger than ever! What an amazing place to work, not to mention the daily opportunities to witness a vast amount of growth among our Little Aviators. Such fun!

Fall is such an entertaining and exciting time for preschool! We recently celebrated Red Ribbon Week and took a field trip to Fulton Farms, where the students had a great time on a hayride and picking out their very own pumpkin! The students also got to spend some time with animals, run through a corn maze and had some good old fashioned fun on the farm!

We recently completed parent teacher conferences, which are always a great opportunity to communicate with parents. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for parents to play a part in their child’s education. If you were not able to have a conference with your child’s teacher, please reach out and we will schedule a time for you.

The years of being a preschooler can slip by very quickly. Parents often “can’t wait” for all day schooling to begin for their child because of the ease in scheduling and break from tuition and/or daycare costs. However, these years are so important in child development. As the demands of Kindergarten become increasingly higher, and children face more of an academic challenge than ever before, it is imperative that we prepare our preschoolers as much as possible for all that they will face. Please take time every day to enjoy your child and spend time with them whether it be reading books, teaching him/her to zip his/her own jacket, making crafts, learning to prepare simple foods, working together through chores around the house, or rhyming and counting for fun while you are riding in the car. These skills will help launch your child into success once he/she does become a kindergartener.

I love this time of year and the excitement it brings! Our Thanksgiving Feast is rapidly approaching, as are other various fall and holiday festivities. Our classrooms and hallways are fully decorated with seasonal projects that demonstrate creativity and usage of fine motor skills. Our little ones have such amazing imaginations!

Winter break will be here before we know it! Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately and leave enough time in the morning for your child to dress his/her self as independently as possible. He/she can put on boots (which is a great time to practice left and right – always start with the same foot!), get the jacket ready to go (maybe even zip it on his/her own! ) and put on hat and gloves. It does take longer, but he/she will so proud of being able to get ready on their own, the payoff is worth it! Photo

By Lisa Hildebrand

Preschool Supervisor

Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Reach the Vandalia-Butler City Schools at (937) 415-6400.

Reach the Vandalia-Butler City Schools at (937) 415-6400.