Writer supports American Legion move

I am writing in support of the American Legion moving to the former Church of Christ building on the corner of Helke and Nation Road. I strongly feel the American Legion will be a good neighbor. I have been a member of the American Legion, Post 668 since 1982. During that time I have not seen any problems with the surrounding businesses trash around the building, fights in the parking lot, or drunken disorderly conduct. I currently live in the east end of Vandalia, but I earlier lived on Greenhurst Drive for 21 years. When we lived on Greenhurst Drive we never saw any problems with the French Quarters, or Stubbies other than the occasional drunken fight in the parking lot of Stubbies. The American Legion is a place where former military men and women and their families feel like they can go into the club and not be hassled by a drunk or loud mouth like some bars. The legion is a club not a bar. I don’t agree with your concern for those who live on Koch Avenue over the possibility of littering trash, excessive traffic, and noise.

I would like to bring to the attention to the people of Vandalia the good that the local service clubs such as the VFW, Amvets, and American Legion do for the community. We give out scholarships and we try to help the needy. That’s more than any baron this town does. We look forward to any person who has been in the military to come to our facility and see the family orientated functions we have to offer.

Edward H. Lutz