Writer supports re-election of Doug Orange

On Nov. 3 Butler Township residents will be given an opportunity to vote their choice for township trustee. As a former newspaper publisher, I make it a point to research issues and candidates before visiting the polling place. Each candidate may posses resumes worthy of consideration, but the incumbent, Doug Orange, by far, displays knowledge, has the experience, and openly expresses passion for our community and our township residents.

This endorsement comes with years of knowing this man. We first met in the mid-1960s, he was a student at Morton; I, being his “senior” by one year at St. Christopher School. With similar friends, the group was a “unit” for countless years until each went off to college, military service, or to quickly pursue careers after graduating from Vandalia-Butler H.S. You get to know a person when you spend most of your life sharing challenges, opportunities, and successes.

My Dad, who served on the first Vandalia City Council, during my youthful years, once took me to an open field at the intersection of Little York Road and what later would become Interstate 75. “Someday,” he said to me, “this area will be a large retail section for Vandalia and Butler Township.” I thought my father was a little too aggressive with his visions, but I listened, and didn’t challenge his dream. He told me how water, sewer, and improved utilities were needed in the area. That in the years to come, it would take forward-thinking leaders to make sure growth would be appealing, that it needed to be controlled at times, but ultimately would build a healthy community tax base. Ironically, the year of my father’s passing is the same year my long-time friend, Doug Orange, became a Butler Twp. Trustee. He is one of those forward-thinking community leaders … Growing our township and fighting for our residents. Doug carries on my father’s vision.

With a business background, a learned trait for excellent communications and negotiations, and above all, a demonstrated concern for the well-being and future of our community residents, I encourage Butler Township to re-elect Doug Orange.

Frank Beeson

Butler Township