Writer: Butler students learning life lessons

“Kids today need learn to give back!”

“When are they going to learn to work together?”

‘Don’t they know, it is NOT all about “me”!’

How often have I heard someone make these statements and mean it?!

Recently I was involved in a situation which not only underscored my faith in our youth, but also emphasized (for everyone’s information) that our staff at Butler High School is working very hard to teach the values which we all find so important:

• Do unto others as you would have them do into you.

• Demonstrate the ability to work as a team to accomplish a task.

• Think of others as well as yourself!

As advisor of the Octagon Service Club (sponsored by V-B Optimist Club) at BHS for the past several years often I receive calls from a variety of sources for students to assist in and around our community. Opportunities usually involve participation at events such as: Chamber Expo, Taste of Vandalia, and Butler Township Pumpkin Day. But sometimes individuals call and need assistance in and around their homes.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when a member of First Baptist Church contacted me to help a community and church member. The task involved was huge, almost overwhelming, and I knew several strong students would be needed. So I picked up the phone and called Greg Bush, BHS football coach. Although it was necessary to accommodate school and practice schedules, Greg assured me that he would have plenty of help for us at the designated time and place.

So at 6 P.M. after practice, nine “burly boys” managed to take an hour of their time to help someone who desperately needed them! They arrived with a smile on their faces ready to work. Each one introduced himself and shook the hand of the homeowner. Questions were asked respectfully and the group continued their work. When the job was complete they again shook hands and said their good-byes.

As I left to return home I thought to myself, “These nine players were great ambassadors for our schools!” It was obvious that the coaching staff has set a priority to teach our students how to get along in life both on and off the field. The lessons have been taught and these boys passed with flying colors!

I thank these nine young men for their time. I also thank Coach Bush and his staff for all they do with and for our students and their players to better prepare them for what lies ahead every day! I am also aware that each of the men and women who work with our children as coaches consistently stress these same values.

Just thought everyone should know.


Margo T. Steinbaugh