Writer urges support for school renewal levy

To the citizens of the Vandalia-Butler school district,

The intent of this letter is to encourage the citizens of this school district to continue to support our schools. The Vandalia-Butler city schools have had and continue to have a major impact on my life for several reasons. My family and I moved into this community when I was one year old. I attended Helke Elementary School, Smith Middle School, and Vandalia-Butler High School. I couldn’t accurately put into words the impact these schools, teachers, and coaches have had on my life. These were the schools that helped pave the way for my journey through college, graduate school, and then dental school.

My wife, Amanda, and I had our first two sons while I was in dental school in Tennessee. When it came time to deciding where we wanted to settle after dental school, Vandalia-Butler was at the top of the list. Not only would we be near family once again, but I also knew we would be bringing our children to a community with a school system that provides an education second to none. Where most of my classmates in the South were planning to put their children in private schools, I appreciated knowing that my boys would be attending their local public schools while receiving the highest quality education.

As a business owner in this community, I depend on the success of the community to drive the success of my business, and I believe the best way to gage the success of the community is to look at the schools. If you look at all of the top communities in the Dayton area, you will see great schools. Investing in our schools is investing in our community. Citizens of this community invested in me and my peers when I was in school, and now it’s our turn to do the same for the current students here. Who knows, maybe one of these students will decide to become a dentist and come back to take over my practice someday.

Please invest in our schools and our community by voting to renew the levy on November 3rd.

Matt Neely

Butler Township