Writer supports levy, students

As a resident of Butler Township, a business owner in Vandalia, and a father of two children currently attending Butler High School, I wanted to encourage residents to vote to renew the levy supporting our excellent schools. It has become increasingly obvious that the state funding formula that is used to determine each district’s funding is drastically flawed and will not be fixed in the near future. We need to voice our opinions repeatedly to our representatives in Columbus to remedy the fact that we get far less per student than surrounding districts. Until then, it is up to this great community to continue to provide a quality education for our kids. It is the greatest investment, besides time, we can make. I have been impressed with the way Superintendent Neavin and our school board are approaching issues and I am confident that they will continue to be efficient and productive with our hard earned dollars.

I would also encourage this community to get out and see the great things that our students are accomplishing in arts, music, athletics and many other skills and interests. As a coach and employer of many of these kids, they are certainly worthy of whatever attention and resources that we can share with them. The Vandalia-Butler community is a great place to live and work. Let’s keep it a great place to raise a family.

Steve Dent

Butler Township