Writer urges support for school levy

I am writing this letter in regards to the upcoming levy renewal on November 3rd for the Vandalia-Butler City School District community. I accepted my first teaching position at Butler High School in the fall of 1997. Since then I have not only built a successful teaching career but also have developed many positive relationships as a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, and resident. The Vandalia/Butler Township community is my home. My wife and I are home owners and proud parents of two Aviators who attend school at Morton and Helke.

Over the past two years our teachers have done more with less and continue to provide opportunities for all students with limited resources. Our District year in and year out continues to be one of the top performing school districts in the county despite the changes in our local economics as well as our continued reduction in funding from the state. Many of the districts that we compete against have higher average family incomes as well as receive more funds from the State. Over the past few years I have witnessed students withdraw from our District because of the reduction in opportunities.

Recently I have witnessed a new wave of energy in our future leaders and it is exciting to watch them grow. They have been instrumental in developing new programs for students to be involved in as well as being key stake holders in the Pride of Butler High. I am proud of our students and proud to call this my home. Please help support and nurture this energy with your continued support on November 3rd.

In closing I would like to personally thank you for your support and remind you that it takes the entire community to truly say “We Are Aviators!”

Kelly Stevens