Giving Back and Never Giving Up

By Gregg Jackson

“Study, work hard, save your money, stay out of trouble, and take care of your health.” Great words of advice by my parents, given over 40 years ago in our house on Frederick Road in Butler Township.

Hello, I’m Gregg Jackson from the Butler High class of 1972. I’m writing to tell you about an exciting collaboration between the Vandalia Butler City School District, the City of Vandalia, Butler Township, and local organizations. It’s something I am spearheading and giving to you, all designed to improve community wellbeing.

First a little context. After Butler High, I went to the University of Dayton, then to work for General Motors. The auto industry led me to Texas where I started and sold companies and had the good fortune to retire at age 38.

I gave the next 20 years of my life to my community in El Paso, Texas mentoring children, families, businesses, and organizations. I learned a lot, and from these experiences, felt an obligation to educate as many people as possible on the skills that contribute to personal thriving.

My company, Acceleron Learning, teaches career readiness, financial literacy, legal basics, and personal wellness (the same things my parents taught me!). These also happen to align closely with how the Gallup Organization defines community wellbeing.

So what? Well, the Vandalia-Butler area has been hit hard economically over the past decade. I have kept up with most of the major news, especially the difficult bond issue with the VBCSD.

About a year ago, Superintendent Brad Neavin and I led the charge to bring stakeholders together to do something for the entire community. I am donating our product to the community. Every person, household, and organization can access Acceleron’s online education content at no charge.

I’m also paying for facilitators to teach free community education classes at Butler High School on Wednesday evenings, starting September 16th. There will be local subject matter experts on hand to answer questions about the workplace, money, legal, and health issues faced every day by your family.

A dedicated website and complete details will be shared beginning the first week of September.

Now what do I want you to do? You have a stake in this community, and improvement starts with knowledge and personal responsibility. We are providing the structure, but you have to take action for positive change to occur.

In the coming weeks, attend the free evening classes and sign up online. If you lead a business or organization, get your people involved. It’s free and good for everyone. Your future and your children’s future depend on shared ownership in this community. Together, let’s improve wellbeing.

Warm Regards,

Gregg Jackson

By Gregg Jackson