Vandalia to consider retire/re-hire of City Manager

VANDALIA — The Vandalia City Council is considering whether to re-hire City Manager Jon Crusey following his expected retirement at the end of November.

The city published notice of a meeting to be held November 6 as part of the regular city council meeting for discussion on the matter. That meeting is set for 7 p.m. and is open to the public.

While no contract details, incuding salary, are currently available, the Vandalia Drummer News will make those details public when they are available.

The retire/rehire discussion comes just seven months after the city gave Crusey a two-year extension of his employment contract. That contract did not include a raise and came after council gave Crusey a less than stellar performance evaluation that said performance goals for 2016-17 “have not been completed or not to a degree of satisfaction.”

Council noted that Crusey would be re-evaluated in six months and that evaluation was completed on September 25.

While not as detailed as the evaluation in April, the summary evaluation notes “an improved attitude of embracing concil suggestions” and community and intergovernmental relations.

Council also said Crusey had worked on projects in spite of an “aggressive” timeline for completion. Improvement was noted in communication as well.

In areas cited for improvement, Council calls for Crusey to seek more alternate funding possibilities for city projects; communication follow-up “still needs enhancement and consistency especially on open issues;” a “need to identify ideas/trends that wold improve the community;” and a desire for Crusey to “continue to embrace Vandalia as if there is a need to protect it.”

Council closes the evaluation by saying they have seen “progress in a number of areas and is supportive of the city manager and his staff. We have seen real effort made to improve communication with council and the public. Overall the city manager has done well managing on a day to day basis. While we have seen improvement in areas that we have emphasize (sic) we look forward to continued improvement and emphasis in all areas.”

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Move comes after improved performance evaluation


By Darrell Wacker



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