Butler Township Police Activity

By Darrell Wacker - dwacker@AIMMediaMidwest.com

BUTLER TOWNSHIP — The following police activity report was received from the Butler Township Police Department. All subjects are innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

June 26

Walmart, possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia, Investigation revealed that the suspect called police for being locked out of a car at the Walmart lot. After entry, I smelled burnt marijuana and saw a grinder in the dashboard cubby. The grinder contained marijuana residue, and the suspect was charged with possessing marijuana drug paraphernalia.

Goodwill Store, no offense, investigation reveals that at an unknown time, the Goodwill Store received a book as a donation. While checking the item in, the reporting party, and employee, found a baggy with an unknown substance in it. The baggy was tagged into our property room to be destroyed.

June 27

Walmart, theft without consent, The victim left his wallet on the check out counter in the electronics department or Walmart. The victim did not realize his wallet was missing until he got home. The surveillance cameras confirm the victim left his wallet on the counter. The male Walmart employee takes the wallet and eventually hands it to a member of the customer service department. This employee goes directly to the women’s restroom and then to the customer service department but never turns the wallet in.

Brantford Road, no offense, an officer responded to 5XXX Brantford Road for suspicious activity. Dispatch had advised that a white male was asleep in the passenger seat with a small child in the driver seat. Upon arrival, I located the vehicle and identified the male subject. Subject stated that he was waiting for his girlfriend to get off work at 1300 hours. Subject did not have any warrants, but he informed me there was a marijuana grinder in the center console of the vehicle. I asked subject to hand the grinder to me. There was marijuana residue inside the grinder. Subject stated that the grinder belonged to his brother. I advised subject that I was collecting the grinder, and it was going to be marked for destruction and placed into our property room. He stated that he understood. I placed the grinder into locker 103 in the property room. There was nothing further to report at this time.

Walmart, theft, Victim reported that her purse was stolen from her unlocked vehicle by an unknown suspect at Walmart.

Speedway, no offense, Speedway employee found a clear plastic baggy containing nine Suboxone strips with a Kroger Pharmacy label bearing the name of XXX in the southern most portion of the parking lot nearest Benchwood Road.

June 28

Submarine House, assault, responded to Submarine House for an assault involving several suspects.

Walmart, theft, possession of drug abuse instruments, Suspicious call regarding two white males passed out in a vehicle in the Walmart lot. Two white males were arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments.

Submarine House, theft, Subject reported that his SCCY 9MM handgun was stolen from a friend’s vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot at the Submarine House. There are no known suspects.

Walnut Ridge, burglary, Subject reported that unknown suspect(s) entered his residence via an open rear window and took items of value.

June 29

Walmart, theft, Suspect shoplifted merchandise from Walmart and departed. Suspect was arrested as he crossed York Commons Boulevard. Suspect was summoned into the Vandalia Municipal Court.

June 30

S. Sunny Ridge Drive, burglary, police dispatched to a burglary at a residence.

Fazoli’s, theft, victim advised her Apple iPad was stolen from a friend’s vehicle on either Monday, June 26 or Tuesday, June 27 while parked at Fazoli’s.

Persons charged or arrested

Shamir O. Wright, 28, warrant arrest for endangering children, assault

Eriyaunah L. Payne, 19, illegal use or possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia

Dominique A. Morrel, 25, theft without consent

Alex R. Philpott, 27, assault

Dustin A. Zavacky, 29, assault, disorderly conduct

Jesse R. Webb, 28, assault

Olivia G. Barker, 20, assault

Stephen W. McKelvy, 24, assault

Tyler D. Reese, 21, assault

Destin G. Haas, 26, possessing drug abuse instruments

Jamie L. Kathary, possessing drug abuse instruments

Johnny R. Tucker, 49, warrant for failure to appear


By Darrell Wacker


Reach Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.

Reach Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.