Company to bring 150 jobs to Vandalia

C2G relocating from Moraine

By Darrell Wacker -

VANDALIA — Nearly 150 jobs will move to Vandalia from Moraine by the end of the year.

C2G, formerly known as Cables 2 Go, will move into office space at 6500 Poe Avenue. The building is currently owned by Stratacache and was formerly occupied by Paysource.

The company has been owned by Legrand Data since 2014.

“We’re excited to invest in Vandalia, and we greatly appreciate the warm reception we have received from the city’s business and civic communities,” said Mark Panico, President of Legrand Data communications division in a release. “We’re proud to be one of the largest holders of office space in Vandalia, and we look forward to contributing to the area’s strong economic growth.”

The project, which includes renovating the space, is expected to cost about $1.5 million according to Vandalia’s Assistant City Manager Greg Shackelford. The project was awarded $50,000 in Montgomery County Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) funding in May.

The annual payroll is approximately $6.7 million. Average pay exceeds $54,000 per year according to Shackelford’s memorandum to the City Manager.

Lastar, Inc. was founded as Cables 2 Go in 1984 in Miamisburg. The company makes products for audio, video, and personal computer connectivity, data communications networks, and connectivity solutions for data center.
C2G relocating from Moraine

By Darrell Wacker

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.