Vandalia’s proposed outdoor feeding ban sparks reaction

VANDALIA – Debate continues over the Vandalia City Council’s proposed outdoor feeding ban.

The ordinance, which is expected to be introduced for a first reading on March 20, would prohibit feeding wild animals or feeding one’s own pets in a way that attracts wild animals was discussed at the council’s study session on Monday. The ordinance is in response to what some residents see as an overpopulation of feral cats.

Read a draft of the proposed outdoor feeding ban ordinance here.

The proposal has sparked significant debate on the Vandalia Drummer News’ Facebook page.

“Cats should be required to have a licence and kept indoors or out on a leash, not feeding them won’t work because they catch there food, I know I wouldn’t let my dog run the streets,” wrote Chris Howell.

Jimme Gard was succint in his comments: “No Feral Cats!!”

Resident Tasha Gibbs was equally blunt on the other side of the issue.

“DO NOT DO IT,” Gibbs wrote.

Cindy Thomas urged residents to come to the March 20 council meeting, although it was unclear what side of the issue she is on.

“I believe there is a council meeting on the 20th that everyone should attend!!,” she wrote.

A first reading of the ordinance is expected at the March 20 council meeting. A second reading could come as early as April 3 and take effect 30 days later.


By Darrell Wacker



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