Butler High School forms History Club

VANDALIA — Butler High School has undertaken the task of keeping kids involved in history, but not just through classroom instruction. The Butler History Club, an invention of founder Sam Penewit’s imagination, already has approximately thirty-five members and a full cabinet, within just a few months of its launch.

The club’s mission is to make history, specifically the history of Vandalia, more interesting to students. By appealing to kids in a social way, allowing them to interact with their friends and in effect lead the club, history hits closer to home. History becomes more interesting to teenagers when it no longer sits sandwiched between six other classes. The club and its members are actively involved with the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler, and look forward to the many projects that lie ahead. Expansion is definitely a hope of the History Club; so if any Butler High School student is interested in joining, simply contact Mr. Mike Bardonaro to get involved.

“The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler is very appreciative of and excited about the Butler History Club being involved in our activities,” Society President Joe Dranschak. “Club members have been helping with landscaping chores at the Society grounds for the past several weeks. We thank Mr. Bardonaro for advising the Club and Sam Penewit and Claire Long for their leadership.”