Artist proposals selected for new Vandalia library

VANDALIA – The Dayton Metro Library has selected proposals from several artists for new installations at the Vandalia Branch of the Dayton Metro Library. These are the latest commissions in the ReImagining Works project, which will incorporate new, original artwork at each Dayton Metro Library location.

ReImagining Works invites artists to use pieces from the Dayton Art Institute’s permanent collection as inspiration for new artwork to be installed at the Libraries. The project is made possible by an anonymous bequest intended to integrate original art and innovative programming at the 17 new or renovated Library buildings.

For the Vandalia Branch Library, Chihuly’s Aurora Red Ikebana with Bright Yellow Stems and Study of Heads of an Old Man by Peter Paul Rubens were the inspiration for three accepted proposals:

  • Stephen Canneto – Canneto plans a large installation suspended overhead in the atrium of the Library’s Marketplace. Titled Currents, it will flow like currents of air, with continuously changing play of light and color visible both inside and outside the Library.
  • Suzanne Ley – Ley will create an oil painting comprised of three canvases depicting a crowd of spectators looking up at the sky. She’ll use a cross-section of Vandalia Library patrons as models. In context, the spectators could be looking up at the Canneto art installation, the Vectren Dayton Air Show, or gazing into the future.
  • Mike Elsass –Elsass will create a large-scale painting on steel that reflects the colors, form and balance of the Chihuly glass piece, to be installed on the wall of the Library’s Community Room.

Construction on the new Vandalia Branch Library is expected to begin in October, with the Library scheduled to open in November, 2016.