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By Greg Smart -

Last year’s After Prom provided a safe and entertaining atmosphere for participating students.

Last year’s After Prom provided a safe and entertaining atmosphere for participating students.

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VANDALIA — The importance of volunteers to a safe and successful Vandalia-Butler After Prom event cannot be overstated. More volunteers are needed for this year’s event, but more importantly to continue the event into the future as this is the last year some volunteers will be involved.

Chairperson Lori Beck-Miller has been on the committee for five years and this is her second year as chair, but she will be leaving the committee after this year. Her daughter graduated from Butler two years ago, but Beck-Miller said she continued with the committee “because it is a great event.”

“It is a tremendous event,” continued Beck-Miller, who also serves as treasurer. “When you attend the After Prom and work the night of, you can see how much fun these kids are having and it’s just a great organization that they have put together for the last 25 years and I didn’t want to see it end. So, when I took it when my daughter graduated, there were a lot of people that had left at that time — their kids had graduated and they weren’t going to do it anymore.”

Beck-Miller said the committee started last year with about four volunteers when typically there is a group of about 15. Those four committee chairs solicited the help of others for last year’s successful event, but are still short needed positions for this year as some people are taking on several responsibilities as there are about 15 people involved.

Beck-Miller said there are two very important committees that need help this year. The first is the food subcommittee which provides the food including the solicitation of donations of food. The second is the entertainment and carnival games committee, which Beck-Miller has been overseeing. This involves inflatables, the tattoo artist, the photo booth, the DJ and the individual games and is separate from the Monte Carlo. Beck Miller said the Entertainment/Carnival Games committee “is really a key committee and a major part of After Prom.”

Fundraising and secretary are also positions that need to be filled.

“We are losing four more additional people at the end of this year, so it is very important for people to see how we organize this event this year so they are not completely unaware to start up next year’s After Prom,” said Beck-Miller.

The After Prom is slated for April 23 this year and runs from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Beck-Miller was asked about the importance of the After Prom.

“I feel that the importance of the Vandalia After Prom is to provide the kids with a safe environment for them to go to after their prom at the high school,” said Beck-Miller. “Prom night is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for high school students. So, if we can keep them off the road and inside in a safe alcohol and drug-free environment, that is a great incentive…Just the joy that you see on these kids faces and how much fun they have when they do come to this, you can’t put a price on that…You just have to come and see for yourself how much fun these kids are having and how quickly the night does go just because they’re having so much fun.”

Beck-Miller also said parents might not volunteer for the After Prom Committee because technically, Prom is for the juniors and seniors. However, she said that if they get involved when their child is a freshman or sophomore, they’ll have more input as to the way the event is operated or if they want to do something different when their child attends “to make it a great event.”

The committee normally meets the first Monday of every month and the next official meeting is 6 p.m. on Jan. 4, 2016 in the teacher’s lounge at Butler High School. Beck-Miller said interested parents are welcome to attend the meetings and see how they are operated.

For more information, call Beck-Miller at 937-830-5518.

Vandalia-Butler After Prom Committee: Chair – Lori Beck-Miller, Decorating Chair – Lori Larger; Raffle Room Chair – Carol Norris; Monte Carlo Chair – Brigid Slaton; Food Chair (acting) – Heidi Miller; Parent Room Chair – Chris Morris; Publicity Chair – Amy Munn; Treasurer – Lori Beck-Miller; Raffle Room Chair – Carol Eifert; Ticket Chair – Ronda Bennett and Gratitude Chair – Maria Smiley.

Last year’s After Prom provided a safe and entertaining atmosphere for participating students. year’s After Prom provided a safe and entertaining atmosphere for participating students. Submitted photo

By Greg Smart

Reach Beck-Miller at 937-830-5518.

Reach Beck-Miller at 937-830-5518.