Community Wellbeing classes cancelled, online access continues

By Darrell Wacker -

VANDALIA — The Community Wellbeing classes that were to be offered through Acceleron Learning have been canceled according to an email from Ryan Jackson, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Not a single person attended the first two class sessions, and it does not make sense to continue staffing these without any community members in attendance,” said Jackson.

The program’s website,, has been updated to remove all class references, but, Jackson says, community access to the online product will remain active.

Ryan’s father, Gregg Jackson, is a 1972 graduate of Butler and had offered to fund the classes in Vandalia-Butler.

The classes focus on career, financial, and personal wellness – at home and at work. Jackson’s Acceleron Learning takes a common sense approach to what may seem to be evident – people who understand and manage those parts of their lives will be better off, and community will as well.

Many of the online classes are currently being offered to Butler High School students. The aim of the community classes was to expand beyond the high school.

The initiative was supported by the Vandalia-Butler City Schools, Butler Township, and the City of Vandalia.

By Darrell Wacker

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.

Reach Darrell Wacker at 937-684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.