Vandalia committed to stormwater management

By Rob Cron - Vandalia Public Service Director



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In previous newsletters we spoke of Vandalia’s commitment to good stormwater management and the need to comply with new Federal and State Regulations. We have talked about the City con- ducting Dry Weather Screening in neighborhoods to see if there are any obvious signs of pollution, and we even reported having found some gray water in one of the City drainage areas.

These efforts are intended to protect water quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a number of simple suggestions to prevent Stormwater pollution:

  • Keep litter, pet wastes, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, leaves and debris out of street gutters and storm basins because these drain directly to lakes, streams and wetlands.
  • Dispose of used oil, antifreeze, paints, and .other household chemicals properly, not in storm sewers or basins.
  • Apply lawn and garden chemicals sparingly and according to directions.
  • Clean up spilled brake fluid, oil, grease, and antifreeze. Do not hose them into the street where they can eventually reach local streams and lakes.

  • Purchase household detergents and cleaners that are low in Phosphorus to reduce the amount of nutrients discharged into our lakes, streams and coastal waters.
  • Make sure that any sewage is piped into the Sanitary drain system and that your clean water (Stormwater, roof runoff, and foundation drainage) goes into the proper storm drains.

In 2003, Vandalia was required to sign on to the Ohio EPA plan for compliance with these new regulations in accordance with Federal regulations (40 CFR Part 122.32) and Ohio Law. The Federal and State regulations require that communities now follow six principles:

1) more Stormwater Education,

2) more public Involvement in Stormwater activities,

3) the elimination of polluted discharges into waterways,

4) the control of construction site runoff (both quantity and quality),

5) good post-construction Stormwater care, and

6) better housekeeping practices for municipal operations.

We have incorporated these standards into our operations and are confident we are doing our part to keep our streams and rivers free of pollution.

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By Rob Cron

Vandalia Public Service Director

Reach Rob Cron at (937) 898-3750 or by email at

Reach Rob Cron at (937) 898-3750 or by email at