O’Leary provides VBCSD operations update

By Rob O’Leary - Superintendent - and - Marcus O’Brien - Operations Supervisor - Vandalia-Butler City Schools



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The operations and maintenance of the Vandalia-Butler City School District’s facilities often go on quietly behind the scenes. However, we do take great pride and workmanship in maintaining and operating these assets of the district, which include over 530,000 square feet in our five school buildings, board office, and district maintenance and transportation shop.

The 2018-2019 school year has been a busy year regarding our facilities and operations, and we would like to take a moment to update the community on these projects, including:

  • The demolition of Murlin Heights building and continued study of future use of the property.
  • Adding access walk at Morton Middle School at the Stonequarry/Peters intersection to receive walkers to the building.
  • Adding flashing school zone lights on Dixie in front of Butler High School to better communicate school speed limit times.
  • Building Operations/Security joint projects including camera upgrades, security door projects/proxy card access in all of our buildings.

It is hard to believe it has been seven years since the completion of the major renovations and facilities upgrades to Butler High School and the construction of the New Morton Middle School. Energy efficiency and savings was a major focus of the construction project and has continued to be a district focus.

The district has partnered with Waibel Energy Services since 2012 to help control energy consumption and cost. Energy savings is the central focus of this partnership. Through our alliance with Waibel the district has saved almost $1.5 million using Analytic Software, Building Automation Controls to determine peak operational times and non-operational times to setback temperatures and energy consumption and help control the cost of operating our buildings. We can monitor our HVAC and electrical systems 24/7. It is a continuous, daily effort, along with monthly energy meetings with our Waibel business partners to monitor and implement a district energy savings program.

A great example of this is the new board office that we moved into in the fall of 2017. Since moving into the new building, the district has realized a 42% savings in energy costs compared to the operations of the old board office because of the updated systems with the controls to operate more efficiently. All of our buildings operate well under the industry standard in terms of cost per square-foot in relation to electricity and HVAC because of these controls.

As we move forward into 2019, the strategic plan of the district is going to have a big focus on facilities. The VBCSD Strategic Plan has prioritized the facilities and operations of the district in the Maintaining a Future Facilities Plan goal, including the following strategic actions:

  • Work with the selected architect to conduct a comprehensive facilities assessment for each building in the district, including student activity facilities.
  • Facilitate a community engagement process for facility visioning for student learning and activity spaces to determine community priorities.
  • Adopt a board approved 5-10 year facility master plan for all buildings, learning spaces, and student activity complexes of the district based on the facility visioning process.

We look forward to the transparent community-involved facilities visioning process in 2019, which will include community forums, community advisory and educational visioning teams, as we move forward crafting a master facilities plan for the future that reflects the values and priorities of the community.

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By Rob O’Leary



Marcus O’Brien

Operations Supervisor

Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Reach Rob O’Leary or Marcus O’Brien at (937) 415-6400.

Reach Rob O’Leary or Marcus O’Brien at (937) 415-6400.