Vandalia council considers retire/rehire policy

By Darrell Wacker -



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VANDALIA — The Vandalia City Council is considering a Retire-Rehire policy for some employees. A draft policy was presented to the council during Monday’s workshop. That policy would allow the Manager, in his or her sole discretion, to rehire certain management employees who have met the age and service requirements of their respective retirement system.

The city does not currently have any policy regarding the issue.

While most members of council support the proposal with some modifications, Mayor Arlene Setzer reiterated her opposition to retire/rehire on principle. That opposition was last public when Setzer voted against the retirement/rehire of City Manager Jon Crusey in 2017.

“I don’t believe in rehire,” said Setzer. “What is the criteria which would be used on who would be allowed to be rehired?”

Crusey said an employee’s performance evaluation would be he used, to which Setzer responded “If their performance isn’t high enough to get rehired, then why are they here at all?”

She also expressed concern that when employees retire from a particular job, they may not have the same level of enthusiasm about continuing in the same position as they might in a new job.

After some discussion, consensus formed around limiting the policy, at least initially, to department directors.

Under the draft policy that was presented, employees would have all accrued, unused paid leave balances, such as sick leave, vacation, and personal time, carried forward to the new rehire date. Those balances would be able to be used after the rehire and are convertible at final retirement in accordance to the city’s current Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Any employee rehired under the policy would have his or her salary reduced by 10% and would not be eligible for cost of living increases. They would be eligible for lump sum merit payments based on their annual evaluation.

All rehired employees would be considered at-will employees serving the city at the pleasure of the City Manager. The City Manager would evaluate the employees annually and determine their retention.

No formal action was taken on the policy Monday and the timing on when it would be discussed again or voted on was not determined. Council’s next meeting is set for Tuesday, January 22.

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By Darrell Wacker

Reach Darrell Wacker at (937) 684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.

Reach Darrell Wacker at (937) 684-8983 or on Twitter @VandaliaDrummer.