LED upgrades to save Vandalia $12,000 per year

Staff report

VANDALIA — The City of Vandalia is taking steps to improve energy efficiency—and reduce its utility bills by an anticipated $12,000 a year—by upgrading its lighting systems in partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA.

Starting in June, Energy Optimizers, USA, will retrofit interior and exterior lighting systems at the city’s municipal building and Fire Station #2 with LED systems. LED lighting uses an average of 60 percent less energy and lasts five times longer than the systems being replaced, offering an immediate return on investment that will continue paying off for years to come. The project is also expected to qualify for a rebate of nearly $11,000 from DP&L.

“In our community, we constantly strive to add value for our residents and taxpayers,” said Steve Clark, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Our partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA, will enable us to save dollars, vastly improve the quality of lighting in these buildings and enhance security, all while conserving our natural resources.”

The upgrade will be a welcome change for the firefighters who spend long hours in the station. That’s because LED lighting offers a quality of light that is very close to natural sunlight, which creates better-lit and more comfortable environments.

“Vandalia is consistently on the leading edge when it comes to forward thinking and smart resource use,” said Greg Smith, Energy Optimizers, USA, president. “By upgrading their lighting systems, the city’s administration and council are investing taxpayer dollars in proven, cost-effective solutions that enhance their public facilities.”

Staff report