Vandalia Youth Theatre to perform Hunchback of Notre Dame

Staff report

VANDALIA — Vandalia Youth Theatre is producing The Hunchback of Notre Dame this July. This production features over 40 talented high school students from across the Miami Valley. From the Academy Award-winning team comes a lushly scored retelling of Victor Hugo’s epic story of love, acceptance and what it means to be a hero. With a unique gothic tone, Latin chants, heavy strings, chimes, booming timpani and full chorus delivers one of Disney’s best soundtracks.

This story, written by Victor Hugo in 1831, speaks to many conversations still being pondered in 2018. Join us as this cast and crew come together to celebrate each other and invite our audience to join us in a place that is infinitely better when all are treated equally, and friendship and love ring as true as the bells of Notre Dame.

This production is Directed by Jake Lockwood. Jake is a writer, director and actor who grew up and fell in love with theatre in Dayton. He honed his Acting skills at Wright State University, then travelled south to Orlando where he performed in 27 different shows in a twenty plus year stint at Walt Disney World. His focus on Improvisation and Atmospheric/Immersive theatre has led Jake into the world of writing and directing, a shift that allows him to pursue new and exciting opportunities with clients all over the globe.

Tickets are on sale now for performances on July 20, 21, 27, 28 and 29 at Northridge High School’s auditorium. Vandalia Youth Theatre is kicking off our 26th season. Our youth theatre company offers programming in Musical Theatre and Technical Support for 300 children across the Miami Valley each year. For more information regarding our productions this July and to purchase tickets visit our website

Staff report