Vandalia-Butler Community To Move Needle On Wellbeing

VANDALIA —Poll after poll show what many people feel but can’t put a finger on – a dissatisfaction with the direction of the nation and individual and family wellbeing.

Beginning on September 1, he Vandalia-Butler City School District, the City of Vandalia, Butler Township, and other local organizations are partnering with Vandalia native Gregg Jackson to improve community wellbeing.

Free classes will be offered on Wednesday evening, and a dedicated website and complete details, including class schedules, can be found here.

Jackson, who graduated from Butler High School in 1972, is funding this unique opportunity being offered to anyone in the Vandalia-Butler community.

The Gallup Organization, famous for its polls, defines community wellbeing as career, financial, and personal wellness – at home and at work.

Jackson’s Acceleron Learning takes a common sense approach to what may seem to be evident – people who understand and manage those parts of their lives will be better off, and community will as well.

Gallup recently ranked the Dayton area’s wellbeing as 97th out of 100 us cities. This program hopes to begin that changing that ranking by starting in Vandalia and Butler Township.

Everyone deals with workplace, money management, and health issues. They are unavoidable obstacles in life. Education is the first step in making a positive change.

VBCSD Superintendent Brad Neavin and community leaders are making a coordinated effort to equip residents with these vital skills, a first initiative of its scale and scope in the nation. The program has been utilized for a year at Butler High School with positive results.

“Let’s unite around a common purpose and move the needle on wellbeing,” said Jackson. “You have a stake in this community, and improvement starts with knowledge and personal responsibility. We are providing the structure, but you have to take action for positive change to occur.”
Career, Financial, Legal, Wellness skills online and in class for all households

By Darrell Wacker


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