Vandalia Art Park unveiling set for Saturday

Daddylong Legs Dave Vande Vusse

Hobie’s Dilemma Doug Gruizenga

The Four Winds Mike Sohikian

Steel Series #5 Mike Barker

Gustometer Beau Bilenki

Day in the Park Rick Leichliter

Big Blue X Brian Ferriby

VANDALIA – The City of Vandalia is making plans for the unveiling of the art exhibits at the Vandalia Art Park.

The exhibits will be unveiled on Saturday, June 13 at 1 p.m. Also scheduled for the day will be a ribbon cutting on the Vandalia Rotary Bridge that connects the Art Park to the ground of the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler and an open house on the grounds of the Historical Society.

Vandalia “Art Parked” is a free outdoor sculpture exhibit that will be on display through April 2016. The works on display were chosen by the Midwest Sculpture Initiative (MSI) and the Public Art in Vandalia Committee for the year-long exhibit.

The Art Park will feature a Mosaic Totem at the entrance that was made by several community members over the past few months.

“Special events and programming will take place centering around the Vandalia Art Park throughout the year,” said Vice Mayor Candice Farst on an announcement regarding the unveiling. “Stay in the art loop by liking the Vandalia Arts Community on Facebook or checking in with”

The sculptures on display are for sale with a portion of each sale benefiting future sculpture exhibits. Anyone interested in purchasing a sculpture should contact MSI for information.

Partners for the 2015-16 Art Parked exhibit are Vandalia Cultural Arts Committee, Minster Bank, Ken’s Pharmacy, the Vandalia-Butler Foundation, and Vandalia Asphalt and Sealcoating.

A Walk Through Time

A photography exhibit “A Walk Through Time” will also be on display at the Art Park. This collection of 12 historic photos depict life in early Vandalia. The display is made available by the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler.

“This display strengthens the partnership between these to properties linked by the Vandalia Rotary Bridge and creates a regional destination combining art and history,” said Farst.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Vandalia Cultural Arts Program.

Mosaic Totem Project

The Mosaic Totem Project was sponsored by the Public Art in Vandalia Program as a community art project. Volunteers met weekly to design, assemble, adhere, and grout their individual mosaic works of art. The pieces will form two totem poles at the entrance to the park representing community involvement and diverse art vision for the park.