Butler Township Trustees rate Lapensee performance as good

BUTLER TWP. — Butler Township Administrator Kim Lapensee received a performance review by the Township Trustees that was rated overall “good” according to the document.

“Overall, Kim is a good Administrator producing positive results for Butler Township,” the review says. “She works diligently and conscientiously toward the best interests of the Township, and her efforts are much appreciated.”

The review is signed by Mike Lang, President of the Board of Trustees.

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Lapensee scored 47 out of a possible 60 points overall which placed her performance in the “Good” category. Out of 12 categories rated, Lapensee received at least a 4 on a scale of 1 – 5 in nine categories, including an excellent score of five in integrity and judgment.

“Kim demonstrates integrity in her dealings with others and consistently displays her commitment to best interests of the Township, its residents, and its businesses,” the review says.

She received a 4.5 in the area of planning and a 4 in areas of personnel, budget, management, decision making and problem solving, time management, project organization and team player.

Her performance was rated a 3.5 in leadership and received a 3 in both communication and interpersonal relationships.

While the Trustees praised Lapensee for her delegation of responsibilities, they urged her to “be more visible in her role as a leader, remaining in front of issues but inspiring and encouraging others to step forward and take responsibility in areas concerning their departments.”

Some concern was noted with Lapensee’s communication style which the review calls “direct” but notes that “it is sometimes perceived as dismissive by others.”

They also ask that meeting agendas be distributed at least two business days prior to meetings and urge better relations with the news media.

“Kim should also recognize the importance of good media relations and communicating effectively with the media and continue to develop her relationships with them. The Trustees encourage Kim to explore opportunities for continued professional growth through educational seminars and conferences,” the review says.

The Trustees also suggest Lapensee’s interpersonal relationships should improve and urge her to seek growth in this area.

“Kim should remain mindful of the conclusions others draw from their interactions with her as the Township Administrator,” they wrote. “Kim should work to ensure others understand that she is listening to their concerns and she is willing to consider them.”

Lapensee, in her self-evaluation, said that she does the “best of my abilities to maintain good working relationships with everyone as it pertains to our scope of authority as a township. In my position, it is very hard to do what is best for an employee, etc. when in its not good for the township or its residents.”

She acknowledged a need to work better with the media.

“I know that I do need to work on how to handle the media,” she wrote.

The review does not mention any salary recommendation for Lapensee, who currently makes $120,000 per year. Salary increases are typically done with the beginning of the new fiscal year which starts in January.

Butler Township Administrator Kim Lapensee’s performance was rated as “good” in a recent review by the Butler Township Trustees.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2015/08/web1_Kim-Lapensee.jpgButler Township Administrator Kim Lapensee’s performance was rated as “good” in a recent review by the Butler Township Trustees.

By Darrell Wacker



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