Fair Valley wins home meet

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The 2017 Fair Valley Fins swim team held its first home meet last week.

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BUTLER TWP. — The Fair Valley Swim Team has started their swimming season off with a splash, winning their first meet by a margin of 232 points. Tuesday evening, Fair Valley held their first home meet of the season, defeating both Four Seasons and Marinole swim teams.

At their past home meet first place finishes were achieved by the following relay teams: 7-8 Girls Medley (Alayna Clark, Melayah Burton, Marin Marlow, and Hallie Dwenger), 7-8 Girls Free Relay (Zoe Wilkson, Marin Marlow, Jordan Stanforth, and Gabi Holop), 7-8 Boys Medley Relay (Isaac Dadey, Gabe Reno, Brodie Schlagetter, and Jack Walton), 7-8 Boys Free Relay (Gabe Reno, Austin Kuhns, Brodie Schlagetter, and Isaac Dadey), and 9-10 Boys Medley Relay (Dayne Schlagetter, Mason Crews, Jake Wilkson, and AJ Tipple).

Other winning relay teams were 9-10 Boys Free Relay (AJ Tipple, Dayne Schlagetter, Mason Crews, and Jake Wilkson), 11-12 Girls Medley Relay (Ava Rotramel, Allison Tipple, Alex Voisard, and Keagan Knue), 11-12 Girls Free Relay (Ava Rotramel, Olivia Helrigle, Keagan Knue, and Alex Voisard), 11-12 Boys Medley Relay (Colin Marlow, Matt Labianco, Drake Rinesmith, and Caleb Reno), 13-14 Girls Medley Relay (Chloe Stanforth, Lauren Crews, Katie Skrovan, and Brooke Baker),13-14 Girls Free Relay (Lauren Crews, Brooke Baker, Chloe Stanforth, and Katie Skrovan), 13-14 Boys Free Relay (Brock Nixon, Nathan Burton, Evan Lozan, and Mason Wilkson), 15-18 Girls Medley Relay (Remy Stanforth, Grace Cope, Molly Hetzer, and Abbey Burton), 15-18 Girls Free Relay (Molly Hetzer, Grace Cope, Remy Stanforth, and Abbey Burton), 15-18 Boys Medley Relay (Jacob Staley, Sean Luttrell, Khalil Ruiz, and Sam LaVielle), and 15-19 Boys Free Relay (Josh Crews, Jeff Labianco, Jacob Staley, and Sam LaVielle).

Individual first place swimmers included Rebekah Lamb, Jake Wilkson, Morgan Fernandez, Mason Wilkson, Abbey Burton, Gabi Holop, Brodie Schlagetter, Mason Crews, Alex Voisard, Matt Labianco, Lauren Crews, Nathan Burton, Grace Cope, Sean Luttrell, Katie Skrovan, Brock Nixon, Sam Lavielle, Jesse Wilkson, Taelyn McCracken, Lauren McBride, Gabe Reno, Evan Lozan, Remy Stanforth, Josh Crews, Isaac Dadey, Dayne Schlagetter, Ava Rotramel, and Colin Marlow.

Second place winners included Keagan Knue, Caleb Reno, Khalil Ruiz, Zoe Wilkson, Sophie Haws, Jacob Staley, Jack Walton, Reese Thomas, AJ Tipple, Addy Godsey, Quinn Knue, Gideon Reno, Hallie Dwenger, Austin Kuhns, Drake Rinesmith, Jillian McDowell, Chloe Stanforth, and Ana Valdespino.

Third place winners were Parker Kuhns, Juliana Golde, Nolan Baker, Stella Haws, Jeff Labianco, Maya Kuhns, Brooke Baker, Jordan Stanforth, Anna Susag, Maddy Wilson, Melayah Burton, Megan Kellar, and Stella Haws.

Fair Valley is located on Brantford Road. The Fins are coached by Head Coach Jolene Short along with Reilly Harrington, Kyle Woodruff, Kirstyn Nygard, and Kenny Stiles.

For more information, please contact fairvalleyswimteam@gmail.com.

The 2017 Fair Valley Fins swim team held its first home meet last week.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2017/06/web1_fairvalleyswim.jpegThe 2017 Fair Valley Fins swim team held its first home meet last week. Contributed photo

Staff report

For more information, please contact fairvalleyswimteam@gmail.com.

For more information, please contact fairvalleyswimteam@gmail.com.


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