What makes my family special

By Helen Tracy - Morton Middle School

Editor’s Note: This essay by Morton Middle School seventh grader Helen Tracy was chosen as one of the top three entries in the 17th Anniversary Celebration of Families Maeeter Poster and Essay Contest. It is reprinted here with permission.

My family is special because they went half way around the world to adopt me. One day my mom was outside looking at her flower garden and saw a little girl with dark brown hair playing with the daisies. The girl wasn’t actually there, it was a vision that was given to my mom by God. It was a sign that they could adopt a baby from China. It took about a year and a half to find out if they could adopt. They got a picture me and soon they were on a plane ride to China.

Even though my mom wasn’t growing physically she was growing spiritually and emotionally waiting eagerly for me. The day they got me was beautiful, they couldn’t believe it was actually happening. If everything that happened didn’t happen I would not be here telling my story. I wouldn’t know my wonderful family, friends, and awesome people. I am so thankful for my special family.


By Helen Tracy

Morton Middle School

Helen Tracy is a seventh grade student at Morton Middle School.

Helen Tracy is a seventh grade student at Morton Middle School.