Brumfield retires after 38 years at Vandalia Optometry

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VANDALIA — Vandalia Optometry has announced the retirement of longtime employee Bonnie Brumfield . Brumfield began employment at at Vandalia Optometry on November 15, 1978. She was hired as part-time but was quickly thrust into a full-time position almost immediately due to an unexpected death in the office. This would turn into a long term journey and she became the face of Vandalia Optometry.

No visit was complete unless Bonnie was in some way involved. She has greeted generations of families, held countless babies while moms and dads alike got their eyes checked.

Dr. Robert Neef had the brilliance to hire Bonnie 38 years ago and had the pleasure of working with her side by side until his untimely death in 1999. She had held every role possible in the office, but held office manager the longest. She even trained Dr. Angela Davis how to put in contacts when she was s teenager. Bonnie will be remembered for her warm smile, quick wit, her bottomless candy basket, and her generous hugs. There isn’t one Vandalia Optometry patient that hasn’t been touch in some way by Bonnie. The staff of Vandalia Optometry will miss her and home she enjoys a well-deserved retirement.

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Staff report