Dance Expressions prepares for Showcase of Stars

Staff report

VANDALIA — Fifty dancers make up the Dance Expressions competition cast. They’ve been competing over the past few months, receiving outstanding accolades and receiving fabulous ratings for their routines. These soloists/trios/officer lines compete year round and one of their highlights is the upcoming Showcase of Stars Pageant.

Many of the soloists will compete in annual Gala Event to be held in Columbus on January 29-30 at the Vern Riffe Center. Their ensemble and solo season will then continue until May with various events around Ohio.

Showcase America preliminary results include:

East Central H.S., Indiana contest October 31 – Martiza Scott 2nd place.

Reading H.S., Cincinnati,November 14 – Specialty Awards – Best Technique: Avery Gunderson. Placements- (elementary division) third Sydney Lawler, (junior division) fifth, Savannah Mattice, first Avery Gunderson. Elementary trio of Carlee Schroeder, Scarlett Mattice and Kiersten McBride an Ultimate Star rating and first place.

Centerville H.S. contest December 5 – Specialty Awards – Magnificent Maleficent: Anna Sciarretti, Wow Flexibility: Kaylynn Buckner, Bathing Beauty: Fable Walton, Best Personality: Katie Landis, Super Sassy: Lauren Sass, Quirky Cuteness: Jenna Dietz.

Placements – (primary division) fifth Becca Atkinson, fourth Fable Walton, second Zoey Grimes, first Reagan Downey, (elementary division) third Carlee Schroeder, second Sydney Lawler. (junior division) eight Jenna Dietz, fifth Avery Gunderson, fourth Anna Sciarretti. (senior division) ninth Emily Hoagland, eighth Hope Barlow, seventh Kaylynn Buckner, fourth Samantha Peters (lyrical), third Samantha Peters (contemporary), second Lauren Verdes, first Torre Romano.

Trios – Elementary trio of Schroeder/Mattie/McBride-Ultimate Star rating and first place, Senior trio division – Kaylynn Buckner, Anna Sciarretti, Avery Gunderson-Ultimate Star rating and third place, Torre Romano, Samantha Peters, Taylor Imwalle – Ultimate Star rating and second place, Emily Hoagland, Lauren Verdes, Hope Barlow – Showcase Star rating and first place.

Tiny Officers-High Superior & 1st place

Mini Officers-Showcase Star & 1st place

Butler solo contest December 13th- Specialty awards Beautifully Evil: Zoey Grimes, Super Showmanship: Lauren Stueve.

Placements (primary division) sixth Brooke Stueve, fifth Alyssa Holderman, fourth Becca Atkinson, first Reagan Downey. (elementary division) tenth Heather McBride, sixth (tie) Scarlett Mattice & Carlee Schroeder, fifth Kiersten McBride, third Sydney Lawler. (junior division) 12th Kara Landis, 11th Taryn Smith (jazz), ninth Taryn Smith (lyrical), eighth Jenna Dietz, sixth Anna Sciarretti, fourth Avery Gunderson (lyrical), third Avery Gunderson (open) second Logan Druck. (senior division) ninth Torre Romano (jazz), seventh Emily Hoagland (lyrical), sixth Emily Hoagland (open), fifth Samantha Peters (lyrical) fourth Lauren Verdes, second Torre Romano (contemporary), first Samantha Peters (contemporary).

Trio division – Schroeder/Mattice/McBride-Showcase Star rating and first place, Junior division Logan Druck, Jenna Dietz, Taryn Smith – Ultimate Star rating & first place, Senior division – Hoagland/Barlow/Verdes Showcase Star rating second place, Imwalle/Peters/Romano Showcase Star rating first place.

Tiny & Mini Officer lines~High Superiors & first place

“The dancers have had an outstanding season thus far and are, as always, so excited for the Pageant,” said Director and Choreographer Lori Downey. “It’s the highlight of their season! There are several reigning queens among our talented cast.”

Taryn Smith, a 7th grader at Troy Junior High is the current Elementary Miss Showcase of Stars. Vandalia resident and sophomore at Butler H.S. is the current Junior Miss Showcase while Butler High School Senior, Samantha Peters is the reigning Senior Miss Queen & has also held the titles of Elementary and Junior Miss Queens.

The dancers will all perform their solo and model an evening gown at a Pageant Preview, to be held on Friday, January 22 in the Butler High School Auditorium, which will be open to the public. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Performances begin at 6 p.m. The Dance Expressions Facebook page will have further information.

Instructors include; Director/Owner/Choreographer is Lori Downey, her talented staff of choreographers include; Hope Barlow, Lauren Daidone, Chelsea Hoagland, Emily Hoagland, Taylor Imwalle, Sarah Ingram, Amy Jones, Kim Owen, Samantha Peters, Ali Romano, Samantha Romano, Torre Romano, Margo Shininger, Mary Stephens, Lauren Verdes. photo

Staff report